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Revolutionary Clinics II, Inc. Papi Sweet Slugger Lava Cake #11 Infused Blunt

Lava Cake is a powerful indica-hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Thin Mint GSC with Grape Pie. Lava Cake produces deeply relaxing effects that ease the mind and body. This strain is ideal for after work, lazy days off, or for anyone seeking to relax. Lava Cake is widely celebrated for its deliciously sweet flavor profile that puts out exceptionally smooth and cakey terpenes. Consumers say this strain smells similar to freshly baked goods – with notes of sugary dough coming through. Medical marijuana patients choose Lava Cake for swift relief of symptoms associated with chronic pain, stress and anxiety. Growers say this strain grows in a dense, bulbous structure with rich hues of purple and green camouflaged by dense, glistening trichomes.

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Revolutionary Clinics II, Inc. Mile 62 Motorbreath #15 Pre-Rolls 3x.5g

Taking the best from both hybrid parents, Motorbreath #15 is infamously gassy and potent. This award-winning strain produces a flavorful smoke with notes of fuel, earth, and a slight citrus. If you’re an OG fan, Motorbreath #15 is a must-try; however, those with a lower tolerance should be aware of its potent effects. Patients have often said Motorbreath #15 brings a strong sense of relaxation and euphoria. It’s been reported this strain is perfect to kick-back and watch your stress melt away.

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Cultivate Cultivate Gastropop Pre-Roll

Gastropop, a cross between Apples & Bananas and Grape Gasoline, is a balanced hybrid strain that delivers a grapey, peppery, and chemical-like flavor. This strain is known to alleviate symptoms of appetite loss, chronic pain, and fatigue. This spicy, berry goodness can leave patients feeling creative, relaxed, and euphoric.

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Cultivate Cultivate Banana Cream Cake Pre-Roll

Banana Cream Cake is an indica dominant hybrid strain (70% indica/30% sativa) created through crossing the potent Banana Kush X Cheese Cake strains. Named for its super delicious flavor, Banana Cream Cake packs everything any indica lover dreams of and more into each tasty little toke. Like its name suggests, Banana Cream Cake has a super sweet and doughy creamy banana flavor with a lovely sugary exhale.

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High Supply Chocolate OG Live Sand

Are you looking for a sweet treat in the OG family? Look no further than Chocolate OG! Parent strains Chocolate Rain crossed with True OG created this delicious indica strain that boasts top terpenes ß-Myrcene, a-Pinene, ß-Pinene, & Limonene. This terpene profile brings out the sweet, earthy, nutty aromas and flavors upon consumption. The sedative properties of this indica strain will have calming and relaxing effects, while potentially bringing out the laughs along the way for a very pleasant experience.

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ARL Healthcare In House Lambs Bread Ground Flower

Lamb’s Bread, also known as “Lamb’s Breath,” is a sativa marijuana strain of unknown genetic origin, with uniquely-shaped, light green buds that resemble balls of sheep’s wool. The effects of Lamb’s Bread are believed to be energetic and uplifting. Reviewers on Leafly say Lamb’s Bread makes them feel energetic and creative. Lamb’s Bread has 19% THC and 1% CBD. The dominant terpene is caryophyllene, which contributes to the pungent cheesy aroma and sweet, yet spicy flavor the strain is known for. Lamb’s Bread is a popular weed strain for medical marijuana patients looking to relieve symptoms associated with chronic stress and depression. The original breeder of Lamb’s Bread is unknown, but the plant has origins in Jamaica, and it is believed to have been one of Bob Marley’s favorite strains.

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