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Wana Pina Colada Fast-Acting Gummies 20-pack

You’ve heard of the Pina Colada Song, but have you heard of the Pina Colada gummies? Wana brings you these fast-acting Indica gummies, so be ready for a good time in 5-15 minutes! Each gummy contains just 5mg of THC, so expect a simple and soothing experience. A great choice for when you are looking for a head start to sleepy time, or getting caught in the rain!

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RAW Black 1.25″ Papers

RAW Black is pressed extra-fine to be the thinnest, unbleached rolling paper they have ever made. Designed for the new generation of incredibly high-quality smoking materials and made from natural plant fibers with the purest natural tree sap gum. RAW Black Papers are so thin that they allows you to truly taste your terps!!!

This unique artisan paper is produced in the Alcoy region of Spain where the dry Valencian winds make humidity optimally low. RAW Black 1¼ is so thin that it allows you to truly taste your terps! RAW Black was created for a new generation as the next level of top shelf smoking materials. It’s like a Ferrari, it only runs on premium gas! 50 leaves per pack

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INSA Double Caramel Sea Salt Chocolate Bar | 100mg


This new creation is a sure winner. We sourced special caramel white chocolate from Europe for its unique caramel color and flavor. Made with pure ivory chocolate that is caramelized during the conching process (mixing process at high heat) to bring out the natural color and flavor of salted caramel. We then infuse this special chocolate with crunchy bits of salted caramel sugar for a pleasant crunch.

Ingredients: Salt Caramel White Chocolate, Caramel Bites, Sea Salt. Allergens: Contains Milk, Soy. Manufactured in a facility which processes tree nuts, peanuts, milk, and wheat.

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INSA Premium Flower GMO

GMO, also known as chem cookies, is a cross between two legendary strains ChemDogD and Girl Scout Cookies. This cultivar was made by Mamiko seeds and made famous by Skunkmasterflex. It is an indica heavy hybrid and carries extreme potency. Not for the beginner smoker. It is very sedative and good for relaxing after a long day of work.

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The Heirloom Collective Kitchen Sink Pre-Roll

The Heirloom Collective pre-rolls are a super convenient way to bring Heirloom to any party. At .8 grams, using only nug, this pre-roll was designed with proper dosage and performance in mind. Get a flight and have the Heirloom Flower experience!

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The Heirloom Collective Kitchen Sink

Kitchen Sink is a hybrid marijuana strain made by crossing Sundae Driver with GMO Cookies. This evenly-balanced strain produces uplifting effects that leave your mind focused and your body relaxed. Kitchen Sink is best reserved for consumers with a high THC tolerance, as THC levels usually hover around 18%. Some consumers choose this strain as it may help relieve symptoms associated with headaches, anxiety, and depression.

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Trulieve GMO Pre-Roll | 1g

TruFlower Pre-Roll Single is 1 gram of cannabis approved for smoking. Each package is individually labeled to show the amount of active ingredient which ranges based on flower potency. In order to comply with Massachusetts law, TruFlower must be carried and stored in its original opaque packaging at all times.

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