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INSA Growers Reserve Kush Mints Preroll

Heavy mint flavors (and a hint of Kush) combine in Kush Mints, an evenly balanced hybrid that crosses Animal Mints with Bubba Kush. If you’ve got a tooth for dessert cultivars, you’ll love its undeniably delicious flavor. Known for its powerful relaxing and euphoric effects, we recommend this one for seasoned smokers only.

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INSA Grape Gasoline

Grape Gasoline is the picture-perfect blend of Grape Pie and Jet Fuel Gelato, an indica dominant hybrid known for its paradoxically uplifting yet calming, relaxing qualities. Even more remarkable, it smells of grape, cookie dough, and fuel.

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INSA 007

Known for making users feel energetic, uplifted, and creative, 007 is a highly flavorful cross between London Pound Cake and Project 4516. A sativa dominant hybrid with citrus notes similar to an orange creamsicle, and a hint of sweet, gassy terps on the backend. ‘This is a rare strain—Insa may be the only one to have it on the right coast!’—Head Grower Frank.

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Hidden Hemlock Sour Peaches

Organically grown in soil! Sour Peaches is a cross of Peach OG and Big Sour.
Vigorous plant producing resinous, sticky buds with the smell of fresh
tropical fruit. Sour Peaches indica dominance is not overpowering and will
provide relaxation on the most stressful days.

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Cultivate Sugar Plum Sunset King Pre-Roll | 1g

Slumber – relaxing, calm, relief

Cultivate serves the needs of medicinal and recreational users. With four distinct cannabis categories, novices and experts alike can get exactly what they want. This Cultivate Premium line is always hand-trimmed, giving you beautiful, large, high-quality pre-rolls that are always fresh.

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Sanctuary Medicinals Guava Jam Rocks and Sauce

Sanctuary brings us Guava Jam in the form of Rocks and Sauce. The “rocks” are THC-A diamonds and the “sauce” is live cannabis terpene sauce.

Guava Jam, is a complex hybrid that crosses four classic strains for a tropically sweet, creamy, diesel and fuel forward bud. It may offer balanced hybrid effects that could include a soaring cerebral buzz and a relaxing full-body sensation.

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Revolutionary Clinics Garlic Mints Pre-Roll | 1g

One gram pre-roll from Revolutionary Clinics.

Revolutionary Clinics’ grow facility, located a historic shoe factory in Fitchburg, Massachusetts, is home to some of the happiest marijuana plants you could ever imagine. Pampered from seed to flower, every plant is cultivated and nurtured using the most state-of-the-art equipment and the most talented, creative growers.

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EOS Farms De-Evolution Pre-Roll | 1g

This pre-roll from from EOS Farms is packed with one gram of their premium flower. EOS Farms’ cannabis is grown on farms, not in labs. Their crew keep farmers’ hours, and their eye on the weather. They grow their cannabis using regenerative practices in natural sunlight and native soil, and use only OMRI certified organic fertilizers. No herbicides, fungicides or anythingicides whatsoever.

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INSA Peach Pie


Have you ever tried to make a pie? It ain’t easy. This one is a mix of Peach Zkittlez, Grape Pie, and Wedding Crasher—a sativa dominant hybrid that is known for being a perfect mid-day smoke to free your mind with uplifting, motivating energy—just like you’d expect a slice of peach pie to do.

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