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Different topicals, same soothing relief. Attune Hydrating Lotion is an unscented, light, non-greasy and all-purpose lotion perfect for daily use. Attune Muscle Freeze uses cooling menthol to deliver a soothing effect for aches and pains. The relief of Muscle Freeze extends longer compared to non-infused muscle freeze lotions.

Pack Attune in your weekend bag to soothe muscles after hitting the ski slopes, or keep on your nightstand and apply to hardworking hands before bed.

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Established in 2013, vaporizing innovator Puffco is acclaimed for its award-winning vape designs and advanced cannabis concentrate technology. The Los Angeles-based company manufactures an array of elegant and easy-to-use devices for concentrate consumers.

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X-Trates cartridges, applicators, ready pens, concentrates and capsules are designed to deliver superior quality to both budget-minded and refined cannabis users.

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Papi Cannabis

“Flower has power. I work with my partners to carefully select flower that will produce the potency and effect that I have always been expected to deliver. I always keep Papi pre-rolled blunts on hand to get me through my day and I am proud to share them with you.”
– David Ortiz aka Big Papi

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Hidden Hemlock

Hidden Hemlock offers hand trimmed and long cured premium flower, pre-rolls and solventless extracts. Their pre-rolls are made from premium flower grown in organic soil using organic inputs. They won’t smoke pre-rolls containing trim, popcorn buds or fan leaf so why should you! Hidden Hemlock is passionate about quality cannabis, and that’s why they personally hand select strains worthy of sharing with others and that they enjoy smoking themselves. They offer heirloom strains that have been resurrected from the archives as well as new, offbeat crosses.

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Welcome to potent formulations, faster onset, and stronger effects. Created exclusively for passionate consumers who find their happiness in the Haze.

Whether you crave live resin or gorgeously golden shatter, HAZE is the ultimate heavy hitter for the hard-core concentrate consumer. Serving up full-throttle, full-spectrum potency in various modalities.

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Haze Cannabis Co.

Haze Cannabis Co. is a premium cannabis company from Phoenix, AZ. Specializing in both live and cured concentrates, this unique brand boasts connoisseur-quality products whilst maintaining prices attractive to the everyday consumer.

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EOS Farms

EOS Farms’ mission is to grow the highest-quality, purest, sun and soil cannabis using farming practices that respect the land, elevate the people who care for it, and support local food security.

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TINQ is made in-house at CommCan’s state-of-the-art cultivation and product manufacturing facility in Medway, MA. TINQ Tinctures and Salves are infused with distilled cannabis oil that is extracted from a blend of premium CommCan-grown cannabis flowers.

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